Friday, September 30, 2016

Review: She's My Kind of Girl (Something New #4.5) by Jennifer Dawson

Blurb from Goodreads:
In high school, they’d burned fast and hot. Now is their chance to find out if the sparks that linger will ignite a whole new flame.

The only thing Darcy Miller ever wanted more than gorgeous troublemaker Griffin Strong was to shake off the dust of small-town Revival, Illinois, and head to the big city—even if she had to leave him behind. Ten years later, Darcy is the ultimate New Yorker, writing a sex blog and living on designer cocktails and the pulse of urban life. That is, until she hears that Revival plans to seize her mother’s house right after the holidays, thanks to the new mayor—who is none other than Darcy’s ex… 

Griffin couldn’t have asked for a more dangerous Christmas gift. Curvy, sassy Darcy is every bit as delectable as the wild child she was in high school—and just as determined to stir up problems. But Griffin learned long ago to straighten up and fly right in order to make changes in the town he loves. Keeping his reputation wholesome is a big part of that. If only Darcy didn’t make him want to take his place on the naughty list with her, right under the mistletoe… 
My Review:
Had I known this was a novella, I may have reconsidered requesting it because it was one of those romances that felt like it was over (all wrapped up) before it even began but I still enjoyed this and, considering it was a second-chance romance, the novella worked well. I had seen Nick talk about this author (p.s. follow her romance blog for all things romance) so I knew I would probably like this one but I hadn't expected it to be quite as hot as it was (this is a good thing!).  The holiday aspect was definitely light in this book compared to other holiday romances but, again, it worked. I loved Griffin and Darcy together and the ending was so good!

She's My Kind of Girl came out earlier this week on September 27, 2016 and you can purchase HERE. I definitely recommend this one if you're looking for a short, steamy and fun holiday second chance romance -- definitely going to check out more of this author's work!
If it were an option, he would drag her into the storage closet, where the nice ladies of Revival kept all their extra supplies, and take her up against a wall. In the ten minutes since he'd spotted her he'd literally thought of about a hundred depraved things he wanted to do with her.  
None of them were nice.
None of them were appropriate.   
None of them were befitting the town mayor.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Review: The Boy Is Back (Boy #4) by Meg Cabot

Blurb from Goodreads:
From New York Times bestselling author Meg Cabot comes the sweetly humorous story of a man who has to face his past in order to find his future.

Sometimes to move forward, you have to go back…

One post. That’s all it took to destroy the care free, glamorous life of pro golfer Reed Stewart. One tiny post on the Internet. 

Then again, it’s not like Reed’s been winning many tournaments lately, and his uncle isn’t the only one who says it’s because of the unfinished business he left behind back home in Bloomville, Indiana—namely Reed’s father, the Honorable Judge Richard P. Stewart, and the only girl Reed ever loved, Becky Flowers.

But Reed hasn’t spoken to either his father or Becky in over a decade. 

Until that post on the Internet. Suddenly, Reed’s family has become a national laughingstock, his publicist won’t stop calling, his siblings are begging for help, and Reed realizes he has no other choice: He’s got to go home to face his past . . . the Judge and the girl he left behind.

Becky’s worked hard to build her successful senior relocation business, but she’s worked even harder to forget Reed Stewart ever existed—which hasn’t been easy, considering he’s their hometown’s golden boy, and all anyone ever talks about. It was fine while they were thousands of miles apart, but now he’s back in Bloomville. She has absolutely no intention of seeing him—until his family hires her to help save his parents.

Now Reed and Becky can’t avoid one another…or the memories of that one fateful night.

Can the quirky residents of Bloomville bring these two young people back together, or will Reed and Becky continue to allow their pasts to deny them the future they deserve?

This warm, thought-provoking book, told entirely in texts, emails, and journal entries, is as much about the enduring bond of families as it is about second chances at love, and will delight as much as it entertains.
My Review:
This book is told entirely in newspaper articles, texts, chats, e-mails, journals and product reviews. While this sounds silly and a bit fun, it totally worked for me.  I liked getting so many different POV and so many different ways of telling the story. I literally devoured this -- I couldn't put it down, even for a minute.  I never had any trouble getting into this book nor was any part of it not super easy and fun to read.  It's just the kind of book that you can pick up and read in one sitting, with a smile on your face the entire time.  Also, Reed is my new book boyfriend, like one of the ones that will go down in history for me.  He was so swoony and so kind.  And I loved Becky, too -- you can tell that Reed and Becky just belong together from the start of the book. I hate to give too much about the plot away but I can tell you that Reed and Becky were high school sweethearts -- on prom night, something happens and Reed leaves town, never to return.  He becomes a pro golfer while Becky stays in Indiana, taking over her father's business.  Cue ten years later when Reed's parents are in need of Becky's services and Reed has to come back to town.  The attraction is, of course, remembered and magnetic but there was a definitely slow burn about it. I laughed out loud while reading this so many times, which is rarer and rarer to find lately.  I know I'm gushing about this but I really did love it -- it makes me happy to think about it and I know it will become a re-read.

I hadn't read any of the other books in this "series" prior to this book but I gather they are all standalone and I had no problem with context.  I definitely will go back and read them now since I loved this book so much! I highly recommend this to fans of funny and swoony contemporary women's fiction; although this is pretty light in its topics, it's so fun and the perfect second-chance romance!  The Boy is Back comes out soon, on October 18, 2016, you can purchase HERE, and I loved this so much!
It's been ten years.  Ten years! I've been in so many other relationships since Reed and I went out (well, okay—three, including Graham).
But I've had multiple hookups, if you count all the rebounding I did during freshman year, when I still thought I might hear from him.   
I have very definitely moved on.   
So why is it that everyone in this town still links our names together?   
And why is it that whenever his name is mentioned, my heart still flips over in my chest, and I catch my breath—so much so that tonight I started choking on the mouthful of camembert I was chewing?

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It's My Birthday! GIVEAWAY

It's my birthday so what better way to celebrate than with a giveaway!

  • Step One: You get to choose ONE of my favorite books (above and each image is linked to the goodreads description) as a physical book or an ebook.  If the book you choose is part of a series, you can choose any book in that series.  
  • Step Two:  Open Internationally as long as the Book Depository ships to you or you can receive an ebook!
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  • Good luck and thanks for reading! ♥♥♥

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    Tuesday, September 27, 2016

    Waiting on Wednesday: Bad Mommy by Tarryn Fisher

     "Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that you are eagerly anticipating.

    Today, I am waiting on:  
    Bad Mommy by Tarryn Fisher

    From Goodreads:
    Almost every day is a very bad day when you’re thirty, your tits are starting to sag, there are lines creeping in around your eyes, and you realize that no one would like you if they actually knew who you really were. Fig Coxbury is fed up with her life: her cheating ex-husband, the excess fat around her waist, and most of all, her loneliness. 

    When Fig chances upon Jolene Avery, the embodiment of everything she’s ever wanted to be, Fig befriends her out of curiosity. 

    Fig soon begins to emulate all aspects of Jolene's life, because when you find someone who knows exactly who they are, you can't help but want to be just like them. 

    Or in Fig's case... become them.
    New book from my favorite author?! I am so ready! Bad Mommy is scheduled to be released in 2017, you know I cannot wait!

    What books are you waiting on this Wednesday??

    Monday, September 26, 2016

    Giveaway & Review: Merry Cowboy Christmas (Lucky Penny Ranch #3) by Carolyn Brown

    Blurb from Goodreads:

    'Tis the night before Christmas and all through the house is the presence of one wickedly hot cowboy who's come to stay for the holiday. Fiona Logan is downright shocked to return to her childhood home and find that the tall blond stranger who came to her rescue on an icy road will be sleeping just across the hall from her bedroom. Talk about temptation . . . 

    Jud Dawson never believed the Lucky Penny Ranch would live up to its name until now. Fiona is gorgeous, smart, funny, and everything he thought he'd never find. Now all he has to do is convince her to stick around town instead of hightailing it back to Houston. But with wild weather, nosy neighbors, and a new baby in the family, getting her to admit that she's falling in love might just take a Christmas miracle.
    My Review:
    I'm not quite in the holiday mood yet but I couldn't resist requesting and reading the latest cowboy holiday romance from Carolyn Brown after loving other books in this series.  While I didn't love this one as much as the first two books, it was still really cute and the setting can't be beat! Fiona returns to her family home in rural Texas for the holidays after striking out in the big city.  At home, she meets her brother-in-law's cousin, Jud (so I kind of hate this name) who's just moved to town to help his cousins run the Lucky Penny Ranch.  Jud is immediately just a great guy and totally over the moon for Fiona so you are rooting for them to happen. He is nice to everyone and goes out of his way to be helpful. And while their romance did move a little fast, it also felt right in its way. There were a lot of holiday parties and messages, which I think it normal for a holiday romance, but Texas style. My only criticism was not quite understanding Fiona's constant desire to fly the coop (like she originally did when she left rural Texas for Dallas when she was 18). This is a big part of the conflict in this book and it just didn't seem fully realized. Regardless, this was still a fun and fast holiday romance!
    Every fiber in her body wanted the kiss. Every bit of her brain said that she should take two steps back.  She listened to the loudest inner voice and moistened her lips with the tip of her tongue. 
    Although I liked the second book in this series more than this one, I always love a good holiday romance; this can also definitely be read as a standalone. Two of my absolute favorite cowboy holiday romances are A Bramble House Christmas and Snowbound in Montana, both by C.J. Carmichael. Merry Cowboy Christmas comes out TODAYSeptember 27, 2016, and you can BUY NOW:

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