Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 Discussion Challenge

Since I'm such a pro at discussion posts (see my first one ever HERE), I've decided to sign up for the 2016 Book Blog Discussion Challenge hosted by Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight! I'm super excited! From the challenge:
This challenge is to help get us discussing books and book blogging, so talk about whatever you want as long as it’s relevant to book blogging. Discussions can be book related or book blogging related (or generally blogging related – no discussions about things that are completely off-topic like travel or fashion, etc). Discussions can also be about you personally if it’s a get-to-know-you type post.
You, too can sign up HERE!


  1. WAIT- time out- that discussion was your first one EVER!??! Well, consider me impressed! And I was already impressed with your discussion, so... yeah. Double impressed :D SO excited that you are joining our challenge!

    1. Thank you so much Shannon and thanks for this challenge, I'm excited!!!

  2. So glad you're joining us! And I loved your first discussion - can't wait to discuss even more with you! By the way, I don't think I've mentioned it yet - I love your blog title. It's so perfect!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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