Friday, May 12, 2017

Review: The Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand

Blurb from Goodreads:
Nantucket is only two and a half hours away from Martha's Vineyard by ferry. But the two islands might as well be worlds apart for a set of identical twin sisters who have been at odds for years. Just because twins look exactly the same doesn't mean they're anything alike--and Tabitha and Harper Frost have spent their whole lives trying to prove this point. When a family crisis forces them to band together--or at least appear to--the twins come to realize that the special bond that they share is more important than the resentments that have driven them apart. A story of new loves, old battles, and a threat that gives a whole new meaning to the term sibling rivalry, THE IDENTICALS is Elin Hilderbrand at her page-turning best. 
My Review:
I've read every single story and book that Elin Hilderbrand has ever published.  I've also re-read many of her books and I look forward to each one; she now has a winter series that she publishes in the late fall in addition to the book she writes every summer but, still, her books are the start of summer for me.  That being said, her last few books have been hit or miss for me.  A few I've loved (The Matchmaker , The Rumor) but more often her last few books have been just ok for me (Beautiful Day (my only DNF from her), Summerland and Here's to Us).  So I was anxious but also apprehensive to dive into her latest, The Identicals.  Well I needn't have worried because it was wonderful!  It gave me all those same feelings that her early books did and reminded me why I fell in love with her books in the first lace.  This book is about identical twin sisters that are are so different as well as Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard - two islands that look alike but couldn't be farther apart in their personalities.  I loved the juxtaposition and devoured this book in one day.  I know I will re-read this one and it also encouraged me to re-read a few of my other EH favorites after I finished it, just to keep those feelings going!

The Identicals comes out next month on June 13, 2017, and you can purchase HERE.  I really loved this one and I am happy to report that Elin Hilderbrand is back!!  I definitely recommend you put this on your summer reading list.
Like thousands of other erudite, discerning people, you've decided to spend your summer vacation on an island off the coast of Massachusetts. You want postcard beaches. You want to swim, sail, and surf in the Yankee-blue waters. You want to eat clam chowder and lobster rolls, and you want those dishes served to you by someone who calls them chowdah and lobstah. You want to ride in a Jeep with the op down, your golden retriever, named Charles Emerson Winchester III, riding shotgun. You want to live the dream. You want an American summer.


  1. Thank you for the review. I can't wait to read it.

  2. I actually still haven't read Hilderbrand. I will have to check this one out and the others you liked. at review!

  3. I read one (or tried to) by Hilderbrand several years ago and disliked it so much that I vowed never again. One of those examples that not every book (or every author) is for every person. It's great that this one was such a hit for you, especially after being disappointed by her most recent releases.


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