Monday, August 24, 2015

Review: Ally Hughes Has Sex Sometimes by Jules Moulin

Blurb from Goodreads:
When a buttoned-up professor and her unbuttoned daughter fall for the same irresistible man, a delightful, subversive comedy begins. . .

Life isn’t easy for single mother Ally Hughes. Teaching at Brown, her class load is huge and her boss is a menace. At home, she contends with a critical mother, a falling-down house, and a daughter who never misses a beat. Between taking care of the people she loves, teaching full time, and making ends meet, Ally doesn't have time for a man. She doesn’t date. She’s not into flings. But then she meets Jake, an eager student, young in years but old in soul, who challenges his favorite professor to open up her life, and her heart, to love. It doesn't work. In fact, his urging backfires.

Ten years later, Ally's still single. Jake reappears and surprises her in a brand-new role: He's dating Ally's now-grown daughter. In this hilarious, heartrending tale, Ally is finally forced to concede (not only to herself) that an independent, "liberated" woman can still make room in her life for love.
My Review:
Ally Hughes Has Sex Sometimes did not work for me.  First, the characters were so very one-dimensional and unlikeable.  Second, and this may be part of the e-arc formatting, but the book casually drifted between the past and present without paragraph or chapter breaks.  It was as if the author was just submitting her stream of consciousness outline for final review.  This needed some major editing.  **SPOILER ALERT** I also did not understand how a logical woman could fall for her student in two days and agree to marry him ten years later when he was absurdly famous and they hadn't spent more than 48 hours together, let alone ever done anything in public.  This wasn't romantic to me -- it was delusional.

I can't say that I would recommend this to anyone but others may like it.  Ally Hughes Has Sex Sometimes comes out tomorrow, August 25, 2015, and you can purchase HERE.
After her first three sexless years, Ally decided that not having sex brought about it sown brand of thrill.  Maybe not widely known or exalted.  In America.  Or anywhere else in the world, for that matter.  But celibacy, chosen or not, was underrated, she decided.  It was.  She was sure.  She was sure that monks knew some kind of joy, a spiritual pleasure, sensual even, that sex-having having people did not understand.  


  1. Oh the back and forth from past to present without a break or being clear would kill me. Yeah and it doesn't sound romantic - Great review!!

  2. That always drives me nuts as well when there aren't clear breaks. The romance does sound like a mess. I will definitely skip this one.

  3. Yeah, that is weird how they barely spend anytime together. It's like, if they are going to set the characters up like that, then I need to really FEEL it between them. It does sound interesting though.

  4. Oh no! I have this one for review and I was hoping to enjoy it. I actually have both the audio and ecopy, so maybe I'll try the audio in hopes that there is some kind of past/present differentiation. I didn't read past your spoilers alert, but know it flip-flops without notice and that the MC isn't too likeable, I'm a little concerned that this one may not work for me either. :(


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