Monday, June 22, 2015

Review: That Chesapeake Summer (Chesapeake Diaries #9) by Mariah Stewart

Blurb from Goodreads:
Jamie Valentine is the wildly successful author of self-help books advocating transparency in every relationship. But when her widowed mother passes away unexpectedly, Jamie discovers her own life has been based on a lie. Angry and deeply betrayed, she sets out to find the truth—which may be in a small town on the Chesapeake Bay. Cutting her most recent book tour short, Jamie books a room at the Inn at Sinclair’s Point, just outside St. Dennis.

The death of Daniel Sinclair’s father forced him to take over the family inn, and his wife’s death left him a single parent of two children, so there’s little room for anything else in his life. His lovely new guest is intriguing, though, and he’s curious about the secret she’s clearly hiding. But in the end, Jamie and Dan could discover the greatest truth of all: that the search for one thing just might lead to the find of a lifetime—if you keep your heart open. 
My Review:
I don't have any real complaints about this book -- it was just as it described,  a summer read set in St. Dennis, a fictional town in Maryland set on the Chesapeake Bay.  I liked Jamie (although she was a big emotional at times) and I really liked Dan -- they were good together, if not especially explosive.  This was a quick read but it was not very memorable -- I liked the setting and I want to visit the Inn (if only it were real) but I don't think this one is a book I will re-read or to which I will feel any lasting attachment.  One further note -- this is not a true series in that you don't have to read previous books to read this one.  I personally hadn't read any books prior in this series before reading this one and I was fine -- although this book did make me want to read the previous books about some of the characters in this one! 

I would recommend this to anyone that likes light beach reads; while I prefer Elin Hilderbrand and Nancy Thayer (love Nantucket), this book is in that same vein albeit set in Maryland.  That Chesapeake Summer comes out tomorrow, June 23, 2015, and you can purchase HERE!  
"Maybe this is going to sound strange to you, but when I saw you walk into the lobby that first day, I knew you were going to be someone special to me.  That you were going to matter to me.  I'm not saying love at first sight -- which I never believe in -- but it was like a light went on inside me.  I tried to pretend otherwise, but I knew.  I didn't want it to be true, but I knew."  

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  1. Sounds like a sweet & light read perfect for a summer afternoon just chilling out in the backyard. I like that it can be read as a standalone, imagine having to read all eight previous books just to read this one? Uh, nope.
    Thanks for the review! Might check this series out if I ever want a break from YA (has happened before). ;)

    Melissa @ The Reader and the Chef


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