Friday, March 13, 2015

Review: Midnight Sun by Rachel Grant

Blurb from Goodreads:
Museum collections specialist Sienna Aubrey is desperate. A prehistoric Iñupiat mask in her client’s collection is haunted, and it wants her to return it to Alaska…now. Tormented to her breaking point, she steals it. But when she arrives in the remote Alaskan village, the tribal representative refuses to take the troublesome mask off her hands. Even worse, the manipulative artifact pulls the infuriating man into her dream, during which she indulges in her most secret fantasies with him.

A man in search of the truth…

Assistant US Attorney Rhys Vaughan came to the Arctic Circle to prove someone tried to murder his cousin. When Sienna shows up at his cousin’s office with the local tribe’s most sacred artifact, she becomes his prime suspect. Then the mask delivers him into Sienna’s hot, fantasy-laden dream, and his desire to investigate her takes an entirely different turn.

An artifact seeking justice…

But the mask has an agenda, and it’s not to play matchmaker. If Sienna doesn’t do what the artifact wants, she may pay the ultimate price, and only Rhys can save her.
My Review:
I enjoyed this book and read it really quickly.  Rachel Grant is writing in a unique subset of romantic suspense about artifacts and I really like it!  The setting for Midnight Sun was great -- summer in Alaska and, literally, midnight sun.  It takes place over the course of a weekend so it's incredibly fast-paced and filled with suspense!  But don't be fooled, there are definitely some very steamy scenes, too!  I would definitely recommend for fans of romantic suspense!!

Midnight Sun just came out, and you can purchase HERE!  Also, my review of another book by Rachel Grant here.
She wanted to be outraged that he'd lied to her, and that he wasn't the man he'd just spent hours pretending to be.  But she was too hot, too aroused to care.  If he wasn't the Itqaklut CRM, and wasn't in love with a dead woman, then she could have this dream.  Or whatever it was.  She could enjoy it without fear.  Without guilt.

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