Monday, July 11, 2016

Review: Summer of Love by Katie Fforde

Blurb from Goodreads:
A gorgeously romantic summer read about fresh starts, friendships and falling deeply in love. 
Sian Bishop has left the hustle and bustle of the city to throw herself into an idyllic new life in a charming countryside cottage. 

With her young son, her picture-postcard garden and her furniture restoration business, she's very happy and very busy. She is not - repeat not - looking for love. 

But Sian’s good intentions are torpedoed one glorious summer’s evening with the arrival of Gus Berresford. One-time explorer and full-time heartbreaker, Gus is ridiculously exciting, wonderfully glamorous and a completely inappropriate love interest for a single mother. 

But she and Gus have met before. And, despite Sian's best intentions, it isn't long before she's falling for him all over again ... 
My Review:
Katie Fforde is one of my favorite British authors; I just love her quirky chick-lit and especially the towns/villages she creates in her books -- they usually involve an outsider moving into the small and quaint place and being welcomed (eventually) by the town.  I really liked Sian and her son Rory but I adored Gus and his mother, Fiona -- I was almost more invested in her story than the main one but this was a fun and fast read. My one gripe about this was the conflict -- when it evolved, it was swift and severe and due to a lack of communication !!  This could have totally turned me off the book and I was seriously put off by Sian in this instance but the HEA was good and I just loved so many of the other characters that I still enjoyed this overall.

This is a great summer book; as I mentioned, I always love the villages that Katie Fforde creates and this one is no exception! This one also reminded me of another favorite with this particular twist on the second-chance romance trope, Just for Fun by Rosalind James.  My other favorite Katie Fforde's are Highland Fling and Stately Pursuits -- both highly recommended, especially if you love British chick-lit!  Summer of Love was released last week on July 8, 2016, and you can purchase HERE.
Fiona Matcham and Rory were up the far end of the garden when Sian brought out the mugs of tea.  Sian sat down on one of the chairs and sipped hers, watching them together.  She was pleased that Rory had forgotten to be shy and was making friends.  She had been a bit worried about taking him away from everything he knew in a busy city out into the country, although, as Richard had pointed out, it was in a village, not in a remote location miles from anywhere.  There was a school, a pub, a church and two shops, one of which was also a post office.  


  1. I haven't read anything by her, but I'll definitely think of this author when I'm in the mood for a cute chick-lit.
    I dislike conflicts due to miscommunication. I'm curious as to what causes it and what it is!
    Lovely review, Eva!

  2. The main conflict does sound a little too simple but I'm glad you were able to find a fun summer read! This seems like the kind of book I'd like to read on vacation, when I can't be bothered to care TOO much. Katie Fforde is a new author to me, so I'll have to check her out as well. Thanks for such a detailed review!

  3. oh I just LOVE quaint small towns for settings...they are the best!! Glad you liked this one.

  4. This really does look like a fun summer read. I like the sound of it and am a huge fan of small town/village settings, too. I'm finding more and more British authors lately that have won me over to fandom.

  5. I haven't read anything by her but this sounds like a great summer read.

  6. I LOVE second chance romances just as much as the next romance so this one sounds like one that I need to pick up! <3

  7. This does look like a great summer read, I havent read anything by British Authors, but this looks right up my alley!!
    Tori @ In Tori Lex

  8. I've seen Fforde's books around for a quite a while but I've never picked one up because they seem to be on the sweeter side of romance which isn't something I usually go for. Still, this does sound like a nice, light read for the summer. Perfect for when you don't want to get bogged down in something heavier.


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