Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Talking about Here's To Us by Elin Hildebrand with Jessica from How Sweet it Is

Guys, this is the coolest instances of fandoms colliding and collaborating, especially for me! I recently found out that Jessica the author of one of my favorite blogs EVER, How Sweet It Is, teamed up with Elin Hilderbrand, one of my all time favorite authors, to create recipes for her latest book Here's To Us! Jessica is also the author of an amazing cookbook, Seriously Delish, and she was sweet enough to answer a few questions for me about the process -- seriously, so freaking cool!!

How did you get contacted to do the recipe development?
When I was writing my cookbook, Seriously Delish, I reached out to Elin to see if she'd be willing to write a blurb for the back of the book. She agreed and we sort of kept in touch via email. Right In late 2014, she reached out and told me she had an idea for her 2016 novel and it went from there!

What was your first thought when you were asked to help Elin with this book being such a huge fan of hers?
I just about died. I've loved her for years! It really was the coolest thing ever to me.
Did you read the book before you developed the recipes or have you read it since?
Nope, not before - I sent her the recipes before she began writing the book (or at least, very early in the process), and she wrote the plot around them. I have now read it and absolutely love it. 
Were you given an idea of what recipes were needed/wanted for the book or how did you interact in order to develop the recipes?
Elin gave me her ideas for the plot and I took a week or two and came up with a list of recipe options that I thought would fit. She picked the ones she thought would work and I started testing them! I believe I sent her the finished recipes in March of 2015.
Did you visit Nantucket at any point for inspiration?  I know you've been there before so if you didn't visit for this project, did you imagine it when you were developing the recipes?
I didn't, but oh man I would have LOVED to! The timing didn't really work since I had just had a baby, plus is was the dead of winter. But yes, I have been there before (for work, but absolutely freaked out over it because of Elin's novels!) and did envision the island when I thought of the recipes. I also used her guidance and ideas for the plot and kind of meshed the two.
What's your favorite Elin book?  Mine is The Blue Bistro but I am sure excited for this one!! 
Mine is also the Blue Bistro! Ah, I love it so much. Not only have I read it multiple times, I've listened to it as an audiobook when I was testing recipes for my cookbook - best way to get through long days. I also really like The Beach Club, The Island, Silver Girl and her winter novels! 

Thank you SO much, Jessica!  Be sure to visit her blog, check out her cookbook, Seriously Delish, and follow her on instagram!

What's your favorite book by Elin Hilderbrand?  I still love The Blue Bistro but I can't wait to read her latest, especially since it also involves food!

Here's To Us was released last week, on June 14, 2016, and you can purchase HERE!


  1. Oh, wow I love the idea of this collaboration. Elin Hildebrand writes great summer reads and I could use some great summer recipes!
    Thanks so much for stopping by! Jen @ YA Romantics

  2. What an exciting collaboration! How special it is that they came together like that.

  3. That's so cool! I never really wondered if authors recipe test when they have cooking featured in their books. I've not read any of Elin Hildebrand before but I'm off to go borrow a copy of Blue Bistro :D

  4. This is so neat! What an interesting collaboration. I love that she wrote the plot around the recipes!

  5. Oh this is so cool. I have the book and right now my MIL is reading it. I am hoping to listen on audio.

  6. This sounds fun and I really love cooking, so win win!


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