Monday, March 13, 2017

Review: The Outsider by Anthony Franze

Blurb from Goodreads:
A young law clerk finds himself caught in the crosshairs of a serial killer in this breathtaking thriller set in the high-pressure world of the Supreme Court, from renowned lawyer Anthony Franze. 

Things aren’t going well for Grayson Hernandez. He just graduated from a fourth-tier law school, he’s drowning in student debt, and the only job he can find is as a messenger. The position stings the most because it’s at the Supreme Court, where Gray is forced to watch the best and the brightest―the elite group of lawyers who serve as the justices’ law clerks—from the outside.

When Gray intervenes in a violent mugging, he lands in the good graces of the victim: the Chief Justice of the United States. Gray soon finds himself the newest—and unlikeliest—law clerk at the Supreme Court. It’s another world: highbrow debates over justice and the law in the inner sanctum of the nation’s highest court; upscale dinners with his new friends; attention from Lauren Hart, the brilliant and beautiful co-clerk he can’t stop thinking about.

But just as Gray begins to adapt to his new life, the FBI approaches him with unsettling news. The Feds think there’s a killer connected to the Supreme Court. And they want Gray to be their eyes and ears inside One First Street. Little does Gray know that the FBI will soon set its sights on him. 

Racing against the clock in a world cloaked in secrecy, Gray must uncover the truth before the murderer strikes again in this thrilling high-stakes story of power and revenge by Washington, D.C. lawyer-turned-author Anthony Franze. 
My Review:
I am totally biased because I'm an attorney but an accurate legal thriller is so fun!  The Outsider is such a book and I loved the behind the scenes setting at the Supreme Court.  The scenes in the actual Supreme Court were probably my favorite but the thriller/mystery part of this book was pretty satisfying as well.  Gray was an awesome narrator and character - well developed and I liked his struggle with the job but also how he fell into the job. This was a fast and fun read and I hope this author writes more.  Even if you don't necessarily love legal thrillers, if you've ever read something like Kiss the Girls and loved it, this book will intrigue you!  

The Outsider comes out later this month on March 21, 2017 and you can purchase HERE. I definitely recommend this one if you love legal thrillers in the vein of John Grisham or thrillers like the Alex Cross series by James Patterson.  Such a fun read!
Lore had it that when the aging Justice Marshall had fallen ill and was in the hospital, Richard Nixon had asked the doctor for a report on Marshall's condition, not out of concern, but with the hope that the elderly justice was dying so the president could replace him with a more conservative jurist.  The doctor asked Marshall if he could give the president a report. Marshall said he'd love to give Nixon an update, and then took out a pen and wrote not yet! on his chart.


  1. I think the Supreme Court stuff sounds interesting too. I did like Kiss the GIrls ( even though I read it forever ago!!) so I will have to add this. Great review!!

  2. I've read a bunch of crime thrillers but I can't say I've read legal thrillers. I have liked Patterson's books in the past, so I'm intrigued. I'm glad you had fun with this one! :)

  3. I imagine with your professional knowledge, a poorly written/researched legal thriller is truly annoying. You're able to pick them apart while a lot of mistakes would likely go right over my head. Sometimes ignorance truly is bliss. LOL Glad this one was so enjoyable!

  4. This is not my usualy genre but it does sound like something I could possible like a lot. And I'm glad you liked it as well!

  5. I don't think I've ever read a legal thriller. This sounds really interesting so I'll check it out for sure! Lovely review :)
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