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Review and Giveaway: How I Fall by Anne Eliot

How I Fall by Anne Eliot

Blurb from Goodreads:

What if the one person you can't stop thinking about... 
...can't stop thinking about you? 

What if during one long day you failed at everything because you met this glitter-crazed new girl who practically ruins your life? Worse, she insists you and your secret crush become best friends—with her?!! Only you don’t have time to be friends with insane people, and you think your crush might need to stay the way it’s always been: Distant. Impossible. In your head. This is because you have problems and secrets a crush would never understand. 

But what if the three of you wind up assigned to a group photography project, and rumors are already circling about the new girl being ridiculous? You know she’s nice but alone, so you convince your crush to help protect the new girl. Working on the project suddenly makes hanging out, texting, talking—and even high school—seem completely normal when it’s anything but. 

What if you fall for each other just enough to kiss…and it’s perfect? You tell secrets and make the kind of promises that might be impossible to keep when you’re only sixteen. Which is why, long before it all falls apart, you already knew nothing this beautiful could have been meant to be yours for long. 

But what if… 
My Review:

How I Fall is definitely the first book I've read in which one of the characters has cerebral palsy, and although this condition certainly affects the story, the book is about so much more.  The book is not only an education into the condition of CP, and an excellent portrayal of living and succeeding with this condition, but it is also exemplary in dealing with so many important YA themes such as first love, insecurity, and the future/reality after high school.

The book is told from the POV of both Ellen and Cam, two characters that from the outside could not be more different.  One of the things I love about Anne Eliot's writing is her ability to write books in seamless, rotating POVs, male and female.  She is so good at this and How I Fall is no exception!!  We learn through the book that Ellen and Cam are more alike than they appear from the outside and to their peers, but also that they want the same thing (and not just each other).

I absolutely loved this book, and I have loved all of Anne Eliot's books -- they are the perfect YAs and they are all so different!  Anne's writing is character driven and you will be hard pressed to find other YAs that get so into the heads of characters.  Please read this book AND ENTER TO WIN A COPY BELOW!!
"Is this what kissing is?  Elation at the sound of my name on his lips? Regret for the minutes I wasted not kissing this guy?  Longing...longing...longing for me?  Breathing. Him. Breathing. Me.  
I already know I will never forget the sound of his heart beating along with mine like it is now." 
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  1. Hello Anne, How I Fall sounds like a wonderful heart tugging read. I would like to read this. Was it harder to write a book about Cerebral Palsy compared to writing about other topics?

    1. Hi Linda! I typed you a very long answer, but I'm only allowed 4k characters. haha so you will have to email me at contact at AnneEliot dot com and I'll send it to you. eeks xo Annie

  2. Thanks for this post. It means so much!! xo xo Will Share xo xo xo

  3. Anne I read Almost last year and it was such an amazing book I still think of it from time to time. What draws you to write "tough issues" books (with a hint of romance of course!) Personally, I love the books and I love when authors delve into the harder issues in life.

    1. Jess! Thanks so much for reading Almost, and for taking the time to tell me you liked it (means so much esp. when the reader is a blogger because you all are so well read and busy (plus I'm sure you have oceans of tempting books on the Kindle waiting to read next) so it's cool that you took the time to say 'hi' at all. I'm attracted to the harder issues simply because we all seem to be walking around with them inside of us. Some are more hidden than others, some came via fate or harsh experiences, but all of these issues cause us to battle, fight or flight--all of us have things that have altered how we think, changed how we trust, messed with how we love or can't seem to love or accept ourselves/or lives how we should. Of course I'm always in it for the love story--the build up to that very first real kiss is my drug in writing and in reading. I personally adore first love and how scary it is to truly trust enough to deeply fall for someone who also loves you back where it's rather easy to fall for the guy who you know won't love you back. (Hence all those bad boys, right?) If the characters are working through issues, and if they aren't sure they even know how to love or accept themselves quite yet--and especially when the characters are more frightened to go for it because they know what pain and disappointment already feels like thanks to the roads they've already walked--oh that kind of story makes me swoon when finally the couple has that that's what I strive to write. And that's why it takes me so long--because I'm wounded and have major issues too--and I never think it's quite right enough-- ;) xo off to type and delete a whole bunch of pages today xo I'd be honored to send you a copy of How I Fall if ever interested or have the time. xo :)

  4. I've been lax in picking up a copy of this book Anne! It sounds like a fantastic read & I've heard so many good things! Really looking forward to reading another beautiful story from you {{:o)

  5. Jemina V! How you B? xo ;) Far far away friend, how've you been? I'm so grateful for Eva (thanks Eva for the surprise best week ever because I'm so happy you all are here a swell as for All Books Considered sniff sniff for doing this post. I don't usually end up back on blogs chatting but I'm in procrastinate mode (but yes, after this I'm going to write because it seems there are now 5 whole people aside from my mom waiting for book two now which is a ton of pressure for doubt-demon me to grapple with. I shall have to only delete half of the book instead of the whole thing before getting it done this time--This is why I'm here still chatting because we all know I'm so good at that because it is much easier than actually writing--you both know how I am--ha-- JV same for you if you all don't win the book, you know where I am if you've ever got the time, I'd be honored of course to send you anything you want as you both hold already huge chunks of my heart. Eva, also for the winner when I send, I've made up these cool glass necklaces with my daughter--they match the beach glass Cam had mailed to Ellen at the end of the story--so if it's a US winner, ok...fine US/EU winner...then I can send that along with the book. We've put them in little boxes or bags (depends on where it's got to ship) and stuffed them full of tiny paper-thin leaves and glitter and we're calling them 'First Kiss in A Box'! Sigh...I know it's dorky of me to have made them but it was so fun...and oh, are they hippie-cute should you guys want one--Eva I can send one just as a hug if you ever see this. xo xo :) #loveUz.

    1. And oops for the typos...I'm rushing today #dyslexic authors are real and one is ME... squish the words together or translate the whatjubbers came out of my fingers for me... eeek this is why I have no blog. THE PRESSURE, THE TYPOS... how do you do it? akkk


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